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How You Can Implement 'Flow' Into Your Life

Out of all types of traits to master in the human mind, flow is my weakness. I’ve accepted it, and I’m on a conquest to correct it.

There are 3 types of flow that rule your life, respectively. There’s energy flow- that is, who you are and the way you move about your life. There’s work-flow, a state where little to nothing can disrupt your attention while you’re engrossed in your daily tasks. Then there’s regular, everyday life-flow, the all-divine flow, where natural energies and divisions cleanse you from the inside out, bringing changes.

These 3 flows are the flow that determines the direction your life is headed. Together, they are your outcomes and results. Mastering your flows will be a deciding factor on how far you get with your goals.

Energy Flow

The first flow is body flow. Right now, if you have about 10 different tasks or thoughts floating about your mind, 6 different emotions running through you, and something else you should be doing, you are not in first flow.

The ability to achieve first flow starts with your breath. Breathe and clear your mind of anything unnecessary. Being unstoppable means nothing is allowed to penetrate through you. First flow isn’t a decision, it should be something that you do without conscious effort.

Keep a full awareness of your surroundings at all times. Live mindfully. The world is a spectacle of energy, it takes what you offer it and returns what it sees fit. Move with it. Think clean thoughts. Live compassionately. Humble yourself. Watch your habits and actions. Keep a healthy tunnel for any changes coming into your life.

Business Insider offers some awesome tips on how to combat any “friction” in your life. “According to Pulp PR’s fantastic infographic "Productivity Killers at the Work Place," the four most common friction points in your life are as follows:

  • Meetings and conference calls

  • Surfing the internet

  • Email

  • Daily commutes

By keeping a simple direction and utilizing your tools in the most energy efficient way possible, you can dodge these distractions and

Work Flow

The second is work flow. Some of us are lucky enough to reach flow while doing our work, and are even able to make a career out of it. For others achieving work flow is much more difficult task, and can even leave work feeling more demeaning. Ever been so entranced in your , that you look over to check the time and suddenly 3 hours have passed, just like that? That’s true work flow. In my honest opinion, work flow, much like a superpower, can be controlled with practice.

Work flow is achieved by doing work you're passionate about. If you can feel passionate over your work, it will be easy to get your work done and achieve the results you're striving for.

Cleansing Flow

The third flow is the cleansing flow. For women, our cycles are the natural cleansing that happens every month. Numerous studies that have shown that women’s cycles are affected by the moon as well as other natural causes, but our menstrual cycles are readily important for the emotions that run through us. Our flows are the acceptance of change within us, the push of change that drives us, and the balance that brings us back to reality to fill us with an even tone of life.

Back when electricity wasn’t a thing, women’s cycles and the cycles of the moon were one. Since today’s societies are no longer primitive, it’s rare that we’re blessed with this divine feat. To combat, listen to your body and become in tune with your cycle. Learn when these This flow should develop into a natural “cleanse,” and state of being. The purpose of these three flows is to stop any blockage in your life. Sometimes, when we want things to go a certain way, we try so desperately to fight the natural movements within us that we create “flow blockage.

“When you’re living in the flow, things happen with ease. Synchronicity is all around you. Doors open, the right people appear and things fall into place. Just like that,” writes Stephanie Zamora of The Huffington Post, “But what happens when you step back or move in another direction out of fear or avoidance of all things uncomfortable? Blocks happen.”

The best way to ensure you’re heading down the right path is to trust your intuition.

Stephanie’s suggestion to connecting with your intuition is very simple and straightforward: “You get out of your head and into your body. What do you feel in response to the situation at hand? Expansion, energy, openness? That’s a yes. Tightness, resistance and tension? That’s a no.”

Try it out. Think of that issue plaguing your mind, or a question at hand, and watch where your intuition takes you. If you have any discomfort at the thought, it’s best you should address it. If it feels natural, let life's energy guide you effortlessly.

Once you’ve found a balance between all three flows in your life, the pathway to success should become a lot clearer.

Keep a full mind-body-soul awareness over the changes happening around you. As long as you’re able to pinpoint the best and worst for you, keep the flow, your personal successes will surely follow suite.

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