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Soul Practices That Nourish and Replenish Your Spirit

My idea of soul food comes in a styrofoam plate; Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn to garnish the comfort that is carbs. Once, after acquiring a much-needed plate of warm, soothing soul-food, I left it unattended for a few minutes, and came back to find it completely devoured by my then-boyfriend. I went from soulful to soulless real quick.

Soul-foods come in a variety of everyday actions that give your sense of self a natural, healthy boost. While soul practices aren’t limited to consumables, but the things you put in your body certainly affect your mood and appearances. It’s essential to recognize what is good for your body and your soul.

Tea and Herbs

If you're a tea drinker, you'll find that there's a tea out there for everything. Troubled skin? Sleeping problems? Brushing up on your nightly séance? There's a tea for that, too! Tea has been linked to naturally curing and preventing many kinds of ailments. Three cups of tea a day helps reduce risks of disease. Herbs can help boost your overall health, and add spectacular flavor to food. Be sure to brush up on the different types of natural herbs available, and the cures they've been linked too.


Feed your body the nutrients it’s craving. Fruits, vegetables, grains- you know the drill. Eating a healthier selection of food will boost your happiness, looks, and heath. You are what you eat, right? If you're feeding your body the wrong foods, you will feel your body's discomfort in every area of your day. Your body works hard to keep you alive and kicking, the least you can do is listen to it.

Smiling more

It's no secret that smiling brings out the most beautiful you. Smiling attracts people to you, makes you happier overall, and even improves physical benefits, like lung stretching, which makes for better breathing. Similarly, when you laugh more often, you'll find it becomes easier to fill yourself with happiness and to attract things that encourage you to naturally smile and laugh more.

Focusing on breathing

Your breathing dictates a lot more about your body functions than you may know. Take the time to find a breathing pattern that works for you that flushes out your soul. A quick exercise can be used as a tool to reduce overworked stress when needed. I mention mindfulness so often because mindfulness is as essential to a maturing mind as exercise is to a maturing body. Mindfulness is the time where you disappear for a while. You're still there, but you're hiding behind your thoughts. You watch them go by, like cars on a highway, or children in a park. Through this practice of meditation, you become one with your thoughts. When your mind is at rest, so is your body and soul.

Personal Reminders

Placing personal reminders around your space, on your laptop, on your phone, or even adopting a mantra will help keep your mindset on the right track. Reminders can be goals, things you’re grateful for, or anything you want to make a focus in your life. Focus on the little things you enjoy. Gardening, running, cleaning, knitting, wrapping yourself in a blanket, reading a book by the fire; it's these simple moments that make you the happiest. Take some time to unwind and occupy yourself with hobbies that grant you satisfaction. Whether it is baking your favorite cake or indulging in an overdue bubble bath, you can choose to pursue these happy little adventures.

Intimate moments

Lose yourself in some intimacy. There's nothing better than a steamy night filled with passion and warmth. Sexual intimacy is one of the most rewarding feeling in the world. Orgasms are healthy for reducing stress levels, boosting productivity and even attracting what you want. If sexual intimacy isn’t what you’re after, treat yourself. You deserve to spend time with you! Take yourself on a date: Grab some food, watch a flick, do some personal shopping. It's important to spend time with yourself, so you can keep track with who you are all the time. Are you the same person you were 5 years ago? How about 5 weeks ago? 5 minutes ago? If the answer is no, get to know yourself a little better.


Creativity and an open mind are essential to keeping novelty flowing in your life. You're always going to be learning, and tapping into your creative side will help you grow as a person, keeping your reality ripe with new ideas, concepts and changes. Use these lessons to recharge your senses. When you walk, take note of smells surround you, the feeling of your feet colliding with the ground, the sounds that fill your ears. Keep your senses open, along with your mind. Let your creative spirit take over. Paint, write, dance, sing- let yourself get lost in the beauty of the arts.

Taking care of your soul should be a priority on your everyday list. It's time to become in tune with your soul, and give your spirit the rest it needs. What's your form of soul food?

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